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Leadership and Life Coaching


Marian works with leaders at all levels, from those who are aspiring or newly appointed to their first line manager position, to established executives. From those wanting to make the most of their potential at work, to those wishing to make a very different life choice.  

What can I expect from coaching?

Marian offers an honest, insightful and supportive coaching style. She approaches coaching in a way which reinforces clients’ existing strengths, whilst still addressing areas of challenge, and with a focus on achieving very pragmatic and practical results and lasting change.


What clients have in common is that they all want to achieve a goal, overcome a problem, or make the most of an opportunity, whether at work or in their personal lives.

Are you:

  • Starting a new leadership role and keen to make sure you hit the ground running?

  • Needing to know how to flex your leadership style to get better results?

  • Wanting to have really compelling and persuasive conversations with people?

  • Seeking to lead through influence, not power?

  • Struggling with challenging feedback that you would like to unpack and address?

  • Trying to secure a new position, either internally or in a new organisation?

  • At a crossroads in your career, or life, and want to make the best choices?

Whatever your situation, as your coach Marian will listen carefully to you; support you and challenge you; observe and give you feedback; and offer new techniques and suggestions to help you discover and achieve your very best.

To find out more and to see if coaching with Marian would be helpful for you, contact for a free, no-obligation conversation.  

Clients can be individuals seeking support to make a change in their personal or professional lives, or corporate organisations wanting to provide coaching for specific employees or groups of employees.


How many sessions will I need?

Coaching sessions provide a space for busy people to take time to think and reflect on their choices, consider solutions and identify the actions they need to take to achieve the change they want.

How many sessions to have is something to discuss in your exploratory meeting, however clients often find that booking a programme of six helps maintain focus and momentum.  Each meeting usually lasts 90 minutes and may be in person or via a platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

A typical framework might involve:

Session 1 – Exploring the current situation and the desired situation and setting objectives for the coaching program.

Sessions 2-5 – Working on the explicit challenges or barriers you identify. Often, we’ll use questionnaires and other tools to identify and examine your strengths and core values, and practical exercises to help you address specific situations or needs.

Session 6 – Final review of progress and setting up strategies to sustain the change (which could include further coaching sessions, if desired).

For corporate-sponsored clients, there would also be an initial 3-way contracting meeting to align your objectives with the needs of your organisation, and at least one review session to ensure the objectives are met.


What clients say:

​"I sought Marian's help as a coach when I started a new job. She helped me to think about my personal career aspirations, work through different approaches to handling difficult work situations and facilitated a number of role plays which aided my thinking. Marian makes you feel completely at ease, is a great listener and offers practical tips which you can easily incorporate into your daily working life. I would not hesitate in recommending Marian for any aspect of career guidance.”

LK, Senior Campaign Analyst, BUPA


​"I would recommend Marian as a coach to anyone who seeks for a creative and respectful environment to explore emotions and goals. Marian's coaching sessions were very much result-driven. From each session, I walked away with tangible actions that I feel excited about.”

MW, Chief Information Officer, Large Multinational


“Marian's patient, she's there with you all the way and she's letting you guide where the importance of the session is - what you really want to get out of it - through powerful questions that land with impact and really encourage you to dig a bit deeper. You always leave a session with Marian with action steps and something to work towards. A great coach!”

TM, Small Business Owner

“Being coached by Marian as part of my professional development was really helpful. Quickly facilitating a ‘safe space’ to reflect, Marian listened attentively and asked insightful questions that helped me to broaden my thinking and consider and value new ways of working.” 

Development Officer, West Cheshire Food Bank

Coaching in a Thinking Environment

Find out more about The Thinking Environment® by clicking onto our page here.

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